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keep watching over durin’s sons

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When I came out to LA for the audition, I kept overhearing people say “Oh, he’s classically trained, classically trained,” and I thought “I don’t know what that means.” All leading up to my audition, I was freaking out, I was thinking “Shit, I have to be classy.”

— Tom Mison at the Brave New Warriors panel SDCC 2014 (via fluffalos)

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there should be a children’s picture book called one wug, two ____, red wug, blue wug.

Since I already had a red wug image from here, I figured I’d better make this. 




…they mostly come at night. Mostly.  Aliens (1986)

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Meanwhile, there’s poor Carrie Henn on the commentary being like “My friends made my life hell with this line. ‘WE MOSTLY GO TO THE MOVIES AT NIGHT. MOSTLY.’”

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lots of cat dishes still for sale here !


lots of cat dishes still for sale here !

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I just wanted you to know, that…

This episode broke my heart. Because I know, I know from the beginning how it all ends but they still drang me through each painful step of the path that got them there.

we don’t talk about this episode

why don’t we talk about this episode

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