Crooked fingers with brittle bones.
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My morning routine.

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do you ever wake up angry about something

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how come most of you can only do one stroke

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A self portrait in comic format

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Raleigh fights and beats some dudes with staffs, and Mako is critical of every performance. The fight choreography is stunning, even for the sparring. Raleigh notices that Mako is supremely unimpressed at everything, and assumes it’s his opponents. She’s just like “No, it’s you, you could have finished every match two moves earlier, slackass.”

Raleigh, chagrined, invites her to spar with him in the ring. Mako’s hilarious “OMG CAN I????” face at Pentecost is my favorite thing in the world, but he’s immune. Until Raleigh goes “What’s the matter, Marshal? Don’t think your brightest can cut it in the ring with me?”

Pentecost takes Mako’s clipboard, all “We shall feast on his remains, but bring me his head to adorn the Wall of Those Who Did Not Respect This Hustle.”


wow okay so i’m listening to the pacific rim soundtrack (Because it’s stunning) but i never realized

they managed to include in nearly every song this one like really hopeful music thing??? like god it’s the most badass and hopeful thing at the same time 

like the first time around is kinda low and all “shit’s about to go down” and then the repeat is sUDDENLY JUST THAT LITTLE BIT LOUDER YOU NEED IT TO BE AND ALL FORCEFUL AND IT’S LIKE “AND WE’RE GONNA KICK THAT SHIT IN THE ASS” and then it repeats a couple times and it feels like you can hear it whispering “using the power of human emotions and empathy and ingenuity bc people are badass feel free to hope and trust in humanity aS WE KICK GIANT SEA MONSTERS IN THE FACE WITH OUR GIANT ROBOTS” 

and i just really like that that’s the basic theme for Pacific Rim

it’s perfect

Da-da-da DA-DA-DA

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So on second viewing (Hot Dads edition) I have discovered 4 new things about Pacific Rim:

  1. a whole new untapped reservoir of FEELS
  2. it’s a movie about Raleigh looking at Mako like she’s Christmas morning. Every. Single. Shot. He may as well have his chin in his goddamn hands.
  3. I adore the fact while admittedly it doesn’t pass the Bechdel test, there are features I was really digging: in the early-days robot building scenes, the featured extras were Rosie the Riveter-eque ladies in sensible coveralls like it was nbd. Ladies building the future y’all. Also - in direct counterpoint to JJ Abrams recent effort, there are zero panty shots of Mako - HOWEVER there’s not 1 but 2 gratuitous, face-cropping Hunnam torso pans (I checked, for science), one of which is the Captain Kirk shot specifically designed for her to consume and react to. Mako is Kirk in this situation. She is gazer, he is gazed. Golf clap.
  4. During the research (for SCIENCE) re: point 3, i finally noticed that Raleigh’s scars are burns in the ACTUAL PATTERN OF THE ALASKA ARMOUR. He has the Gypsy Danger armour burned into his literal flesh, and can never take it off. See point 1.

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twit light, the dark and mysterious story of Lord Byron

is that ben friggin wilbond?

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