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Ok so fanonically, I always thought that Boyd’s quietness in his body was about him being hyperaware as a black teenager how his size and blackness was perceived by others. And maybe Derek has like NO IDEA of what this self-taught, careful restriction is about and just sees this strong, bashful kid who has the even-keeledness to take to the wolf.

Which Boyd does. 

And maybe when they’re all pack, Derek is like, “Hey,” hand to Boyd’s shoulder. “Can you help me out with Stiles?”

Because Stiles is a wild card. Stiles is a fucking loose cannon of frenetic energy, sexual frustration and irritable, snarky ranting. Derek can’t keep track of everyone and Stiles. Stiles needs a lot more attention than that.

And while Stiles has wormed his way irritatingly under everyone’s defenses, Boyd’s wall of silence and raised eyebrow always stop him in his tracks. So now when Stiles needs to focus on his work and starts to go off on a tangent, Boyd sits nearby and silently pushes Stiles’ book closer and taps it. Doesn’t even look up from his own book and Stiles just lets out a huff, blushes and goes back to his work. 

Isaac teases Boyd about the fact that he ‘scares the smirk right off Stiles’ face,’ which makes Boyd frown to himself because he doesn’t think it’s that.

He doesn’t think it’s that because after the full moon last time, Stiles came down to unlock their chains, face all lined with worry, and when he got to Boyd, he paused after he unlocked Boyd’s wrist and ran his thumb lightly on the fading mark on Boyd’s skin. And then he swallowed and whispered “You ok?” and when Boyd stared at him and nodded, he blushed and added “uh…got time to study with me today? If you’re feeling up to it?” and Boyd gave a raspy “Sure.”

Sometimes studying goes on so long that Boyd falls asleep. He makes sure to fall asleep right on the couch where Stiles is thrumming with energy, because he knows being that close helps Stiles chill.

And sometimes he half-wakes up to the feeling of Stiles’ hand stroking lightly, distractedly up and down his back, like it’s keeping time with the tripping speed of his thoughts. 

One time Boyd opens up his eyes half-mast and watches Derek watching them, head tipped to the side. Curious.

And then later in the woods, Boyd suffers in embarrassed silence as Derek gives him a pep talk about “—find your anchor. It’s ok if your anchor is someone…someone you wouldn’t have expected—”

The first time they kiss, Stiles has been arguing out loud with himself all across the pack house and to the front door where he puts on his jacket and then out to the car. Boyd went with it when Stiles grabbed his arm and was like “Dude, can you drive me home? I don’t think I can drive right now. I drank 4 fucking red bulls.”

And he can’t handle listening to this the whole way back to Stiles house so out in the drive way, he says “But maybe the Fae have a hive-mind.”

Which makes Stiles turn around, hands in his hair, eyes wide. And then he’s throwing his hands up in the air and crying out “BOYD, OH MY GOD—” and the next thing Boyd knows he’s got that mobile, messy mouth smacked on his mouth and Stiles is kissing him soundly, wringing his shoulders in clutching hands.

When Stiles pulls back, he runs his jacket sleeve over his wet mouth, eyes full of shock like he can’t believe he just jumped Boyd. But Boyd lets out a frustrated sigh and ducks in, hands carefully at his side, and kisses Stiles back.

His kiss is just as awkward, soft and fumbly, his eyes closed tight when Stiles makes a little sound of surprise in his chest.

He pulls away to look Stiles over after, feeling the wolf inside him shudder to come to the surface, just because the feeling of embarrassment is so strong inside him. But then Stiles is grabbing him back and they keep kissing that way, each of them initiating until Boyd clutches Stiles’ small ass in his hands and drags their hips together.

And then Boyd finds himself giving a chest-deep groan and Stiles is scrambling, climbing him like a tree, wrapping long, skinny legs around him and gasping “Oh fuck, dude. Do you know how long—?” and Boyd is dropping his face to Stiles’ warm-scented throat and quaking, shaking his head no

And Stiles is laughing and peppering kisses all over Boyd’s head and saying “Oh man, for fucking ever, dude.”


Miranda → Jason the Hotel Boy.
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never forget that out of snowpiercer came one of the most adorable cast families ever. 

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new favorite character

Someone is going to come for me. It’s what I’ve wished for all this time. In the morning of March 17th, that person came.

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I finally got around to watching the episode, and I thought this was just too cute


I finally got around to watching the episode, and I thought this was just too cute

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